The following books are available in various formats, including print, Kindle, Nook and Kobo Readers.


The Breach is the story of the Alamo, told from the Mexican point of view. Presented as the journal of General Manuel Fernández Castrillón, the novel traces the famous battle as you’ve never seen it before.

“The book is one of those rarest of entities: a well-written historical novel that adds to our overall understanding of history…I thoroughly enjoyed the read.” ~The Telegraph and Texas Register


The Apocalypse Parable follows private investigator Daniel Bain, hired by a wealthy invalid to locate Jesus Christ. Bain’s bizzare search leads him from Hitler’s stolen icon to rewritten Gospel and the dark world of Internet porn. His client’s motives are suspicious, but Bain has personal reasons for discovering the Truth.

“The Apocalypse Parable is an original, engaging and complex suspense novel…Readers will be enthralled as Bain’s pursuit of Christ leads him through a twisting and evermore intricate plot.”
– Midwest Book Review

31WpUdez-GL._UY250_.jpgDead Beyond the Fence is a zombie novel set in Fort Collins, Colorado. Coworkers Angel and Kevin take refuge in a Colorado college town research facility. As the dead gather outside, Angel hides a secret that may mean the death of them all.

“I’m still reeling…Easily one of the best zombie stories I’ve read.” ~Colleen Wanglund, The Horror Fiction Review


Mary King’s Plague is a historical zombie novella, set in Edinburgh, Scotland in the seventeenth century. Why are the town elders walling up the exits to the poor neighborhood? Betrayal. Redemption. Forgiveness. Zombies.

“. . . on par with Stephen King or Edgar Allen Poe for setting the tone of a piece and maintaining a constant level of intensity from beginning to end. The characters were incredibly complex for such a short book.”
~Online Book Club

51e7htfl6l-_uy250_While renovating an old home, Garrett Jenkins finds an antique box full of vintage 1920s pornography hidden in the walls. As curiosity turns to obsession, the restoration of the building suffers. His mother’s life savings and his girlfriend’s hopes for the future are on the line. But with each new discovery, Garrett steps closer to a shattering truth that may end in madness. The Wretched Walls. Dying alone would be better.

Number four in the top ten horror reads of 2016. ~Horror Fiction Review


Mary King’s Plague and Other Tales of WoeA print anthology collecting Mary King’s Plague, The Wretched Walls, and The Honey Gatherer. 

“Kaufman draws you in with his character work so well, you don’t even realize when he’s begun to scare you…”
~Desmond Reddick, Dread Media