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“Set in the outback of the independent leagues, Kaufman has written a poignant baseball romance twice over—aging, iron-gloved, home-run slugging Parker Westfall’s love for the game and for a young knuckle-balling female pitcher. Refreshing and real. Read it and weep … Continue reading

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Blunt Advice

You may have a friend who is plain-spoken to the point of being blunt. Someone straddling the line between honesty and bad manners. Someone uneasy around sensitive people, often responding to a frown with, “Just kidding!” Some of my favorite … Continue reading

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Write Your Obsession

You may have heard the advice— “Write about what you know.” I’ve read good arguments on this theme, both pro and con, and have come away with the thought that there’s better advice to be had. My advice is to … Continue reading

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Authentic-sounding dialog is tough. But the presentation of that dialog on the page is also problematic. Common mistakes include simple punctuation, word choices, and tag strategy. Going over a few examples can help make a positive impact in your writing. … Continue reading

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