Book Club Information

“…especially notable for libraries that look for original, refreshingly intriguing reads that book clubs will find of special interest.”
~D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer for Midwest Book Review

Virtual meetings make it easy to chat with book clubs. Booking a visit is as easy as sending an email ( In addition, I can provide signed books at a discount, as well as some swag for prizes. I love chatting with readers.

A Persistent Echo is particularly well-suited to book club discussions. Toward that end, I’m listing a number of discussion questions to guide your group’s examination of the novel’s themes:

  1. August Simms notes that history has, “if not a strict repetition, then certainly a persistent echo.” What is your opinion of his observation.
  2. What elements of racism in 1897 Texas surprised you?
  3. By the novel’s end, August Simms seemed satisfied that he’d solved the mystery of the airships. What do you think his solution was?
  4. Natalie seems selfish and immature, but has a surprising transformation. What elements do you think attributed to her growth?
  5. What purpose does Abigail’s regal bearing serve?
  6. What elements of Nadine’s character make her a heroine?
  7. Which relationship between characters was most compelling to you, and why?
  8. What was your reaction to the surprise relationship revealed near the end of the story?
  9. Judge Proctor left the practice of law because of a lynching, yet he had his own odd ethics as concerned his “marriage.” How do you reconcile the apparent contradiction?
  10. How do you interpret August’s death?