The following books are available in various formats, including print, Kindle, Nook and Kobo Readers:

ThumbnailA Persistent Echo – 1897. August Simms—explorer, soldier, world traveler—returns to Rhome, Texas to chase one last adventure. Hundreds of UFO sightings have been reported, seven years before the Wright brother’s flight, and August intends to solve the mystery. Instead, the past comes calling. A murder, a lynching, and the death of his wife fifteen years earlier are inextricably tied to the present.

The adventure August finds will not be the one he expects…

Front-CoverA Shadow Melody – In the early 1900s, Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, and Harry Browning each researched devices to contact the dead through scientific means. Only one of them succeeded.

Harry Browning is a prodigy with an extraordinary understanding of the natural sciences. Orphaned as a child, he becomes a beloved professor, a war hero… and a shell shock victim. At war’s end, he returns to his college hometown in Ohio and dedicates himself to research. Alone and isolated, he hires Elizabeth Rose, a young housekeeper with secrets. Together, they will seek to answer the one question that all humanity shares-what becomes of us after we pass beyond the veil?

They may not like the answer.

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Dread Tribunal of Last Resort – “Decker Brown is a proud young Virginian, educated in Boston, with plans to manufacture illuminations-fireworks-and raise a family. He loves Paula Crane, the daughter of the flour mill owner. When the country is divided by Civil War, their loyalty to each other is put to the ultimate test. Decker believes in the Republic’s promise of liberty, while Paula can’t fathom taking up arms against her friends and neighbors. Decker struggles to protect his dreams from a catastrophic war that will cost more than half a million lives. What happens when the runaway train of history shatters every hope for the future? Even as postwar Richmond rebuilds, Decker Brown faces his most important challenge-building a new life from the rubble of war”

“Brian Kaufman’s Dread Tribunal of Last Resort is historical fiction like none other… I have nothing but love for this book.” (Four stars out of four) ~Online Book Club

Sins in Blue – It’s the 1960s, and nothing reflects the cultural revolution more than music. When Front CoverKennedy Barnes, a runaway teen, stumbles upon a rock and roll song recorded by a blues musician in the 1930s, he heads west in search of the man behind the music.

Willie Johnson, ex-bluesman, is a motel laundry worker with a bad hip and a dark past. When Kennedy arrives with the promise of riches, Willie wonders if he’s finally getting his shot at the big time. But is fame worth the cost of dredging up past sorrows?

“Like that song, the story will play in your head unbidden. This story – it rocks!” ~Miriam Molina, Online BookClub

The+Fat+Lady's+Low,+Sad+Song+eimageThe Fat Lady’s Low, Sad Song – Courtney Morgan is a female knuckle-ball pitcher trying to break into professional baseball. Parker Westfall is an aging slugger with one last chance at the ultimate carrot – a spot on a major league roster.

“An entertaining, sweetly atmospheric baseball story.” ~Kirkus Reviews


Mary King’s Plague and Other Tales of WoeA print anthology collecting Mary King’s Plague, The Wretched Walls, and The Honey Gatherer. 

“Kaufman draws you in with his character work so well, you don’t even realize when he’s begun to scare you…”
~Desmond Reddick, Dread Media


Dead Beyond the Fence is a zombie novel set in Fort Collins, Colorado. Coworkers Angel and Kevin take refuge in a Colorado college town research facility. As the dead gather outside, Angel hides a secret that may mean the death of them all.

“I’m still reeling…Easily one of the best zombie stories I’ve read.” ~Colleen Wanglund, The Horror Fiction Review


The Apocalypse Parable follows private investigator Daniel Bain, hired by a wealthy invalid to locate Jesus Christ. Bain’s bizzare search leads him from Hitler’s stolen icon to rewritten Gospel and the dark world of Internet porn. His client’s motives are suspicious, but Bain has personal reasons for discovering the Truth.

“The Apocalypse Parable is an original, engaging and complex suspense novel…Readers will be enthralled as Bain’s pursuit of Christ leads him through a twisting and evermore intricate plot.”
– Midwest Book Review


The Breach is the story of the Alamo, told from the Mexican point of view. Presented as the journal of General Manuel Fernández Castrillón, the novel traces the famous battle as you’ve never seen it before.

“The book is one of those rarest of entities: a well-written historical novel that adds to our overall understanding of history…I thoroughly enjoyed the read.” ~The Telegraph and Texas Register