Coming in 2020

For those of you who follow my writing, 2020 will be an interesting year. Two new books are coming from two different publishing houses.

First up is Sins in Blue (May 2020, Black Rose Writing). Young Kennedy Barnes pins his hope for fame on Willie Johnson, a bluesman who may (or may not) have invented rock and roll. The story unfolds in two timelines—The Great Depression and Fort Collins in 1969.

“Like that song, the story will play in your head unbidden. This story – it rocks!” ~Online BookClub

Sins in Blue is a poignant, gripping tale of shattered hopes and dreams and the ultimate acceptance that life goes on.”

~Pat Stoltey, author of Wishing Caswell Dead

Next up is Dread Tribunal of Last Resort (July 2020, Cengage/Five Star Publishing). Decker Brown is a proud young Virginian, educated in Boston, with plans to manufacture illuminations—fireworks—and raise a family. He loves Paula Crane, the daughter of the flour mill owner. When the country is divided by Civil War, their loyalty to each other is put to the ultimate test. Decker believes in the Republic’s promise of liberty, while Paula can’t fathom taking up arms against her friends and neighbors.

Decker struggles to protect his dreams from a catastrophic war that will cost more than half a million lives. What happens when the runaway train of history shatters every hope for the future? Even as post-war Richmond rebuilds, Decker Brown faces his most important challenge—building a new life from the rubble of war.

“Brian Kaufman’s Dread Tribunal of Last Resort is historical fiction like none other… I have nothing but love for this book.”

~Online Book Club

Dread Tribunal of Last Resort is an extremely well-written and well-researched page turner…Kaufman brings in the unexpected perspectives of the slaves, the women, and those other conflicted individuals caught in the middle…

~Peter Bridgford, author of Where Eagles Dare Not Perch

It’s going to be a very good year!

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Author, educator, cook. Given a tilt of fate, that might have been lead guitarist, pro wrestler, radio evangelist. You never know.
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