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A few years back, I did a blogpost with links to writer’s sources for Indy press, hybrid press, and self-published authors. The links are meant to serve as a starting point for authors looking for publishing options, or simply wanting advice about writing in general.

I’m revisiting these links because I got an email from a Girl Scout troop that recently worked on their Novelist Badges. While exploring the links, they came up with their own link (a guide to writing basics), and I’m going to pass it along here:

A tip of the hat to the senior scouts—great resource. And now, for other links:

If you are looking for traditional publishing venues and want to go beyond the Novel and Short Story Writer’s Market, I recommend the pay service ($5 a month subscription).

Crowd-funded hybrid companies include Inkshares and Unbound:

Other hybrid links:

Want to publish an eBook with Kindle Direct Publishing? Start here:

Or Smashwords?

Publish that eBook on Kobo?

Kindle Direct Publishing will print books for you, with or without your company imprint (depending on whether you buy an ISBN or use Amazon’s ISBN).

Barnes & Noble Press will print books or format eBooks for you:

Here’s the eBook formatter I use.

Starting a company? In Colorado, you’ll search for a trademark.

Have a company name? You’ll need to apply for a business license.

You’ll have to pay sales taxes, of course:

Colorado Department of Revenue

Purchasing ISBNs?

Lightning Source and Ingram Spark:

Finally, for young writers, here’s an excellent overview of writing as a career, along with some excellent, straight-forward advice.

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