It’s Alive!

A PERSISTENT ECHO is now available for purchase from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and selected bookstores. The book comes in hardcover, softcover, Kindle, and audiobook versions. No more pre-order…it’s alive!

August Simms-explorer, soldier, world traveler-returns to Rhome, Texas in 1897 to chase one last adventure. Hundreds of UFO sightings have been reported, seven years before the Wright brother’s initial flight, and August intends to solve the airship mystery. Instead, the past comes calling. A murder, a lynching, and the death of his wife fifteen years earlier are inextricably tied to the present, and the adventure August finds will not be the one he expects.

“. . . a powerfully rendered novel that holds the rare ability to traverse genres to attract a wider audience of reader than the ‘historical fiction’ label portends.” ~D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer for Midwest Book Review

“Kaufman writes beautifully, with spare prose, well-paced surprises, period-appropriate language, and a sense of foreboding.” ~Historical Novel Society

“Truly original and touching…A remarkable feat.” ~The Prairies Book Review

“Kaufman is a fantastic writer with a distinctive poetic touch…It will be the rare reader who will not be moved by this soulful, poignant novel. A remarkable, virtuosic performance that will certainly leave persistent echoes in the reader’s mind.” ~Kirkus Reviews

About Brian C. Kaufman

Author, educator, cook. Given a tilt of fate, that might have been lead guitarist, pro wrestler, radio evangelist. You never know.
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