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Seminar Links

Writing to you now from the Northern Colorado Writer’s Conference in Fort Collins, Colorado. I’m giving a two-hour seminar on self-publishing. Below, you’ll find a series of links that will be mentioned in the seminar. Feel free to copy and … Continue reading

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Blunt Advice

You may have a friend who is plain-spoken to the point of being blunt. Someone straddling the line between honesty and bad manners. Someone uneasy around sensitive people, often responding to a frown with, “Just kidding!” Some of my favorite … Continue reading

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Kill Your Adverbs

Stephen King said, “I believe the road to Hell is paved with adverbs.” But the pesky devils sneak into your fiction—pull out any work-in-progress and there they are, lurking. According to author Beth Ann Erickson, schools are still teaching adverbs … Continue reading

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