It’s Alive…The Fat Lady’s Low, Sad Song


My baseball novel, The Fat Lady’s Low, Sad Song, is available from Amazon, so it’s officially alive. This book sat on a back shelf in my mind for nearly two decades, and I think the wait was worth it. There is something to be said for letting ideas percolate.

A huge thank you to Black Rose Writing for publishing my story. Thanks to my two writing groups (the Raintree Writers and the Penpointers) for great editing help. A special thanks to Patricia Stoltey, April Moore, and Chris Pimental for badgering me into sending the manuscript out for publication. I had intended to pull an Emily Dickenson and shove this story into a desk drawer. This is better.



About Brian C. Kaufman

Author, educator, cook. Given a tilt of fate, that might have been lead guitarist, pro wrestler, radio evangelist. You never know.
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  1. Michael Hartnett says:

    Hi Brian. I have an interest in writing a review of The Fat Lady’s Low, Sad Song. Say hello at the Email address below if you would like me to fill you in.

  2. I enjoyed this book immensely. Easily the best book I’ve read this year, and one of the best baseball books I’ve read this decade.

    I’ve posted reviews at all the usual sites.

    Thanks for writing it!

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