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Author, educator, cook. Given a tilt of fate, that might have been lead guitarist, pro wrestler, radio evangelist. You never know.


My lifetime love affair with baseball was often unrequited. A chubby kid in high school, I made the baseball team, but never cracked the starting lineup. I had a large collection of Mickey Mantle cards, but my first wife threw … Continue reading

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Poke a Wound

Should you write about what you know, or something you don’t know? Let me answer by going sideways. Write about what hurts. I attended Colorado State University at the turn of the century (sounds so long ago when I phrase … Continue reading

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The “Other” Home Run Record

Where do writers get their ideas? Something as small as a few lines in a record book can spark an entire novel. That’s the case with my novel, The Fat Lady’s Low, Sad Song. Joe Bauman was an Oklahoma boy … Continue reading

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Seminar Links

Writing to you now from the Northern Colorado Writer’s Conference in Fort Collins, Colorado. I’m giving a two-hour seminar on self-publishing. Below, you’ll find a series of links that will be mentioned in the seminar. Feel free to copy and … Continue reading

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Punctuation is Sound Direction

    Given that so much of today’s writing is done via text, punctuation might not seem important 2 u. But for the author, there’s a good reason (beyond convention) to adhere to an internally consistent set of rules. Punctuation … Continue reading

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Story Openings: Simple Advice

Story openings are daunting. Just trying to start can bring you to a full stop. Like a golf swing, there are so many things to bear in mind: Grab the reader. Introduce the POV protagonist. Initiate character and thematic arcs. … Continue reading

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“Set in the outback of the independent leagues, Kaufman has written a poignant baseball romance twice over—aging, iron-gloved, home-run slugging Parker Westfall’s love for the game and for a young knuckle-balling female pitcher. Refreshing and real. Read it and weep … Continue reading

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Blunt Advice

You may have a friend who is plain-spoken to the point of being blunt. Someone straddling the line between honesty and bad manners. Someone uneasy around sensitive people, often responding to a frown with, “Just kidding!” Some of my favorite … Continue reading

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Write Your Obsession

You may have heard the advice— “Write about what you know.” I’ve read good arguments on this theme, both pro and con, and have come away with the thought that there’s better advice to be had. My advice is to … Continue reading

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Authentic-sounding dialog is tough. But the presentation of that dialog on the page is also problematic. Common mistakes include simple punctuation, word choices, and tag strategy. Going over a few examples can help make a positive impact in your writing. … Continue reading

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